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2010 Will be a Challenging Year

I am honored to have been elected and installed as president of the South Florida AGC. My predecessor, Bill Southern, was one in a long line of great presidents of this great organization and I aspire to join him as a great leader of the construction industry.

Bill’s focus and commitment to the AGC and the betterment of the construction industry has been phenomenal. He left few issues open, which now permits a clean slate for me to serve my term. It truly has been a pleasure watching him work and dealing with the challenges cast upon us.

Looking forward, 2010 is going to be a tremendously challenging year, not only for our industry, but for our nation.

When they speak about a perfect storm, I think we are in it. The federal government keeps printing money and creating stimulus programs that have not created jobs or benefited our industry.

The state government is having serious budget problems, as are many of our local governments. Compound that with private industry having limited capital markets to access for projects. Last year our industry and association beat back many challenges, such as:

• Worker’s Comp premiums increases.
• State unemployment tax increase being deferred.

New initiatives keep coming at us that could have punitive effect on our industry, such as the “card check,” which will simplify the procedures for unions to organize in our companies and increases the Davis Bacon wages along with requirements for PLA. These regulations limit free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Now more than ever, our association, and all other associations that have the same vision for our industry and our country must come together to fight these regulations and stop the government interventions into our businesses and lives.

Now more than ever, we have to speak as one voice with one vision for the betterment of our industry.

Looking forward, 2010 is going to be a tremendously challenging year, not only for our industry, but for our nation. We need each other more than ever. The challenges are huge, but the consequence of not joining together to fight for what is right will damage our industry and prolong the austere period we are in. AGC has always had the great tradition of “leading the way.” More than ever we, all of us in construction must lead the way.

We must attract new general contractors and associate members to help us in spreading the word, combating the challenges that face our industry; to make them feel part of the AGC team. I am counting on you to help.

I look forward to working with our board and our membership to continue the history of success that we have had, to make sure our future is strong and opportunities are there for our young leaders and future generations.

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