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Responding to a Crisis: How Human Resources Can Make Things Better, Not Worse

Just as unforeseen site conditions can test a contractor’s problem-solving skills, unexpected events can test a construction employer’s crisis-management readiness. Crises can hit at any time, and individuals involved in human resources are usually — and rightly — on the front lines of working with a company’s management team to address the challenges that any present.


  • An employee espousing racist views at a rally is recorded by a member of the public who sends the video to the HR manager, threatening to contact the media if the employee is not immediately fired.
  • A former employee uploads a YouTube video, claiming that a jobsite has a multitude of safety violations. The video is picked up by the local news as the ‘viral video of the day,’ which prompts protests outside the company’s headquarters.
  • A manager responds to an e-mail “phishing” scam, which results in a ransom demand to recover employee social security numbers and other personal information as well as the company’s proprietary industry data.

Employers across the country find themselves in these and similar situations every day. When they arise, individuals involved in human resources play a critical role in helping to navigate the team through the crisis. A crisis can often create legal liability in the employment realm and having a sound crisis-management plan — and individuals who are prepared to implement that plan — can help reduce legal risks. Here are a few ways to prepare before a crisis hits and to effectively manage the crisis when it does. READ MORE (AGC of America)

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