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AGC/OSHA Strategic Partnership Seeks New Members

The AGC/OSHA Strategic Partnership was created in 2002 to accomplish several important goals:

1) Reduce employee injury losses achieved by companies who are part of the Partnership program.
Accomplished: Since 2002 Partners have consistently scored well below the Construction National Average Incidence Rate for all sizes of companies.

2) Provide Incentives for Partners who meet the requirements of the program.
Accomplished: Blue level (top level) member sites who were inspected by OSHA as part of the verification process were found not to have any violations of OSHA standards. Blue Level Partners have only ONE verification inspection each year at only ONE site in Florida, no matter how many projects they are working on. In verification inspections, OSHA will not issue citations for other-than-serious violations, provided that the hazards are abated at the time of the inspection.

3) Save money for Partners as well as save lives.
Accomplished: All Partners have realized saving on insurance costs, citations, training, legal representation costs, etc. as a result of their participation.  Members earn insurance premium reduction as well as enhancing their ability to compete in the insurance availability and pricing arena.

4) Increase productivity
Accomplished: All Members reported improved productivity as a result of their participation.
5) Improve the image of the construction industry’s efforts on safety
Accomplished: The AGC/OSHA Strategic Partnership has consistently be recognized by the Department of Labor for its effectiveness. Members proudly display their Partnership banner on their construction sites acknowledging their higher safety standards and as notification to OSHA inspectors. Members gain a competitive edge with certain customers.

6) Improve relations between OSHA and contractors
Accomplished: Over the years members have gained the respect of OSHA and gained many new friends in the construction safety community of professionals.

7) Improve, through training and mentoring, the construction industry’s safety effort
Accomplished but constantly working on: Over the years Partners have trained thousands of managers, employees and other contractors. Each year dozens of other contractors and subcontractors are mentored by Partners so that their safety programs are improved.

8) Make the program state-wide
Accomplished: The AGC/OSHA Strategic Partnership covers every county in Florida with all three OSHA offices in the state. Special recognition from OSHA and AGC designating the contractor as a participant in the CHASE  Program. An additional 10% reduction for good faith beyond the reductions provided in the FIRM (Field Inspection Reference Manual) can be given. Overall – status – monetary savings – competitive edge – increased profits – AND most important – a safer, healthier and a better workforce with good morale.

Shouldn’t You Be A Partner Too?
Now is the time to take advantage of all the benefits of being a Partner participant.  Join as a member in either the Red Level (beginning), White Level (intermediate) or Blue Level (advanced). Join the dozens of current participants and save money and save lives.  See our webpage for a list of current participants and details of the AGC/OSHA Strategic Partnership Agreement.  Call the AGC office for more information or answers to your questions.

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