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Carpentry Apprenticeship Program Seeks Students and Teachers

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It is my pleasure to report that the AGC Carpenter Training program is alive, well, and growing. As we conclude the 2013 Spring Semester, we are actively seeking students for the Summer and Fall Semesters.

Our Challenge and Goal
Contractors and employees alike have shown a renewed interest in our totally redesigned program. Our challenge is to remain the largest Carpentry Training Program in South Florida and to become the biggest and the best carpentry school in the state. I believe our success is due to our revised curriculum, which challenges our students to reach the next level, regardless of competency, in their trade. Our goals are clearly defined: to take average employees and help them become reliable, motivated and better educated workers, thereby providing field leadership for the contractors. Each student is encouraged to be the best man or woman on his or her job and to act as an example to his / her peers.

What We Do
We have found that by increasing the difficulty of the classroom assignments that we are getting a more ambitious group of students who want more responsibilities and have the desire to become the foremen and superintendents of the future. That is exactly what we are training them to do. We spend about 50 percent of all class time studying plans of local buildings (often built by the teacher). A strong safety program is in place with nightly interactive discussions on important safety issues. We have found out that the best way to increase math skills is to work on material take offs on a nightly basis. The students are actually excited about learning how to do estimating, and this has become a well-received part of the class. We stress that no matter how good of a carpenter you are, that unless you have a working knowledge of basic math, nobody, anywhere, will ever put you in charge of anything. Twice a month we bring in outside speakers who give presentations and certifications on diverse topics. These include a several OSHA classes, first aid, CPR, asbestos awareness, forklift training, welding, and a wide variety of construction-related topics. The balance of class time is devoted to learning carpentry techniques, primarily formwork and layout, but also including framing, roof framing, stairs, doors, etc.

What Does It Cost?
Law prohibits any tuition or costs to be paid by the student. Nearly all the costs are provided through federal, state, and Broward County apprenticeship training funds. There is a one-time book fee and an annual registration fee of only $350 per student (with discount for more than five students) for employers.

We Need Teachers Too
We are always looking for good teachers as well as students. If you or someone you know has at least a high school diploma, six years experience as a carpenter, and is willing to teach two classes per week (evenings) during the Fall or Spring semesters for a stipend from Broward County Schools and a supplement from AGC, call us. We can explain all about our program.

How To Participate
Typically, contractors who are interested in improving the quality of their workforce will invite us give a 15-minute presentation to their employees at an early morning or late afternoon meeting on site. We compile a list of interested individuals and present it to the employer who then decides who he/she wants in our program. If you have an interest please, call our office and I will be happy to discuss our program in more detail.

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