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About Us

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the voice of the construction industry, is the oldest and by far the largest commercial construction organization in the nation. It is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry related companies dedicated to the principles of skill, integrity, and responsibility. The AGC was established in 1918 after a request by President Woodrow Wilson, which resulted in the organization's auspicious beginning. President Wilson recognized the construction industry's national importance and the desired partnership with which the government could discuss and plan for the advancement of the nation. The AGC has fulfilled that mission for the last 94 years through its dedication of being the source authority on matters of the industry, educating the industry to employ the finest skills, promoting the use of the latest technology and advocating legislative reform on behalf of the industry.

The South Florida Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America (SFAGC) was charted in 1922 and is the oldest, most prestigious, contractor association in Florida. If you are looking to increase your standing in the industry, enhance your company's profitability or clout, new market access and to strengthen the voice of contractors in America, then the AGC is your bottom line. The SFAGC, in conjunction with the AGC of America, is committed to the three principles of industry advancement and opportunity: Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility. If you believe in our abiding principles, you need to join with many others to promote these principles.

Our Pledge to You?
"Maintain the highest business and ethical standards that befit the honor of the industry."

What We Do Today

Government Relations
The members of the South Florida Chapter of AGC are active to assure that the President, and more importantly, the members of Congress are kept abreast of the position of the industry on each and every bill. Some of AGC's legislative priorities in Congress are:

Market Development, Legislative Activism, A Voice-In-Washington, Tax Relief, Member Benefits, Local and National Staff Assistance with DOT and FHWA, Judicial Activism, Competitive Edge, Human Resources and Labor Relations, and Safety.

Legal Action
We have used the system over and again to protect the rights of our members, owners, subcontractors and the public. We stand ready to assist in any litigation that challenges our fundamental freedoms.

Community Relations
Citizen groups in South Florida know that we do not represent all who call themselves contractors. That is why we have been called upon so often to educate and instruct the public on general contracting. Recent examples include:

  • The first construction organization to propose a “privatized plan review system” to reduce the delays in the Miami-Dade Building Department, now a state law.
  • The only construction organization to support a “Community workforce” development program.
  • The only construction organization to assist in training Miami Dade County Public Schools and the School Board of Broward County employees in “state-of-the-art” systems on construction programs and “quality control.”
  • The only construction organization to train project managers and other employees of the School Board of Broward County.

The world is dramatically changing, as is construction. AGC is the acknowledged leader in not only educating members about the emerging changes, but affecting them as well. We were the only local construction organization to sponsor a nationally attended e-Commerce seminar, drawing nearly 200 people from all over the nation to learn about the latest developments in computer technology and the construction industry.
The South Florida AGC provides very low-cost “Continuing Education Unit” classes for contractors on line. These classes are required by the Construction Industry Licensing Board to retain their contractor license.

The South Florida AGC also provides FREE LEED training to carpenters and construction workers through our partnership with the OIC of Broward County, leading to LEED Certification.

The South Florida AGC provides a sponsored BIM (“Building Information Modeling” class, leading to BIM Certification.

Supervisory Training Program (STP) - The SFAGC has joined with the AGC of America and San Diego State University to offer the very best Supervisory Training Program in the world…and all on-line. Go to for details or click here to see the section on STP on this site.

We are the only construction organization in Florida that has a full partnership with OSHA, through our “Strategic Partnership” program that reduces OSHA inspections, recognizes leaders in construction safety and educates the industry on safety. The AGC Safety Program provides thousands of construction workers with much-needed safety training and serving dozens of contractors and subcontractors by helping them reduce worker's compensation costs. The SFAGC Safety Committee is the largest in the State, and hosts the annual Safety Fair and EXPO that has attracted thousands over the past 8 years.

Contract Documents
We publish an expansive array of contract documents, through the ConsesusDoc program. These documents and related materials address different tiered relationships and project delivery approaches found in today's construction environment. AGC worked closely in the development of these documents with the American Institute of Architects.

The South Florida AGC provides low-cost signage for construction sites. See “Services” section of this webpage.

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