Contractors Collaborate, Develop Guide to Streamline Development of Environmental Management Program

In this issue of the Observer, AGC’s Environmental Forum Steering Committee Chairman Connie Determan provides construction companies with a resource for developing an environmental program that supports environmental compliance and achievement of company objectives.  “The Contractor Guide to Developing an Environmental Program” was developed through the collaborative effort of construction companies located in the United States for the purpose of supporting the environmental performance of the projects they perform.


Dear fellow AGC members and colleagues:

In 2007, Kiewit initiated a summit for senior leaders in the construction industry to gather and exchanges ideas about safety. In the years that followed, more peers joined us; in 2010 the event was expanded to include environmental issues.  The third summit, hosted by Granite Construction and Lane Construction, was recently held.  Since the meeting in 2012, the environmental professionals from these companies met to discuss and share best practices with developing environmental programs.  The group created a guide to help the industry support the environmental performance on their projects.

The Contractor Guide to Developing an Environmental Program” was presented at the 2012 summit.  It is centered on the concept of an Environmental Management System (EMS).  It contains guidelines for several areas, including policy, legal, resources, training, and document control and auditing, as well as Environmental Management System design considerations and a self-assessment tool for organizations.  The guide acknowledges that different organizations have varying needs depending on their size, the nature of the work they perform, and environmental risk associated with the work.

Please feel free to use this information as a tool and forward to others in our industry.

Connie A. Determan
AGC Environmental Forum Steering Committee
Vice President, Kiewit Corporation