Online Florida Contractor CEU Training

Additionally, through great effort we are finally able to offer a full range of online courses as an alternative to classroom training.  Courses are interactive with audio, video, interactivities, manuals, and more at a very competitive priced. 

Fulfill CILB requirements in the comfort of your home, at any time, any pace. All you need to take advantage of this convenient option is a high-speed internet connection.

For a full list of bundled packages or individual courses please visit

For additional information or inquiries, please email or call (954) 874-6272.

Corporate Training Program / Professional Development

Take advantage of a full range of online training courses offered through South Florida AGC and Proton Communications™. High quality interactive training is available in a wide variety of areas including professional development, business practices, leadership, and construction safety. You can find a full list of available courses at

Learning Management

South Florida AGC in partnership with Proton Communications™ also has solutions to help construction companies better manage internal classroom and online training while helping companies cut costs. Utilizing online training can save 60% of a traditional training budget. Tried and tested, Proton Communications™ can help train, track, and provide better results in your organization. For more info, please call Proton Communications™ at (801) 494-1745 or visit us online at