Stormwater Compliance Webinar: New Templates to Help Contractors Meet Recordkeeping Requirements

Get prepared now!  Any construction company that wants to stay in compliance with the myriad of new and forthcoming stormwater runoff requirements needs an effective document management system. Sign up for AGC’s Dec. 18 stormwater compliance webinar and learn how to use brand new “template” documents – created by US EPA with assistance from AGC contractors – designed to keep projects in compliance. 

All stormwater permitting authorities (federal AND state) require a site-specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) as well documentation of inspections, findings, and the maintenance and repair of all BMPs. In the case of an audit or incident, government enforcers will want to see written proof of your compliance.

AGC’s Environmental Forum Steering Committee members have worked with US EPA staff to develop customizable “templates” to help contractors develop a SWPPP and document the site inspections and corrective actions required by EPA’s new 2012 Construction General Permit (CGP). (EPA’s federal stormwater permit serves a model for permits issued in states authorized to implement the federal stormwater program.) Participate in AGC’s Dec. 18 webinar to learn how to use these documents to keep your projects in compliance!

This webinar brings together the best line-up of speakers including US EPA’s Erika Farris, an essential player on the Agency’s stormwater team, and Bridget Supple, stormwater pollution prevention inspector at Vali Cooper & Associates.  These experts will explain how, with just a little bit of preparation and effort to keeping documentation of stormwater compliance activities, contractors can drastically reduce their potential for getting into trouble.

Let AGC Help You Bring Training To Your Employees!

AGC encourages its member companies to use this important webinar program as a training opportunity for their employees (e.g., people selected to conduct site inspections).  A single registration provides access to broadcast this webinar in a conference or meeting room and to invite others to participate.

Did you know?
The most common stormwater permit violations include lack of – or improper – documentation related to the site’s SWPPP, inspections, and corrective-action measures! NO RECORD = IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Noncompliance can cost you $37,500 per day per violation. Learn more.