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South Florida AGC to Sponsor Seminar on P3’s in September

Since the Florida legislature adopted revisions to the laws on “Public Private Partnerships” (P3s) this past session, there has been a lot of talk of expanding use of this tax-saving method of financing public use structures. P3s are not new, having been used to fund many projects throughout the nation and in many other countries, most of which have been used on federal or state projects. With the new legislation however, smaller, local government projects can be funded using private funds as well as public funds.

To help explain how these P3s work and how they might be used in local government projects, Gary M. Stein, General Counsel to the AGC is planning a seminar, tentatively set for September 16th. The SFAGC board in May overwhelmingly approved the idea and sponsoring it. Since then the Florida Transportation Builders Association (FTBA) and the Construction Association of South Florida (CASF) have agreed to be co-sponsors. Sabadell United Bank is a sponsor also and one of the hosts.

Currently Mr. Stein has confirmed the Florida Department of Transportation Secretary, Sabadell United Bank, and others as panelists. He has extended invitations to speak to Miami Dade Commissioner Zapata and Miami Beach City Manager Morales.

Likely to be invited to the seminar are the Florida League of Cities, The Florida League of Mayors, The Florida City and County Managers and/or the Florida Redevelopment Association.

Mark your calendars for September 16th and attend this informative seminar.

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