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Education and Training

Continuing Education
The South Florida AGC education and training programs are designed to meet both the general and specific needs of today's contractor. Recruiting, training, retraining, and the continuing education of employees are some of the primary concerns of the construction industry. Our mission is simple: Attract, educate and train the best and the brightest. This is crucial to the growth of our industry. SFAGC continues to expand our resources to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry. We provide a number of educational and training programs designed to benefit our members.

CEU - Continuing Education Unit
Long before any other industry association purported to provide educational programs, AGC was there. While far too many "educational providers" have been perpetuated by loose Continuing Education licensing laws, AGC is still the leader in providing expert, knowledgeable and up-to-date education for members who need to meet their statutory requirements, all of which are available "on-line". (See “Online Contractors CEU Classes now available” banner on the homepage of this website for details.) Click here for details

STP - Supervisory Training Programs
The AGC of America "Supervisor Training Program", one of the most acclaimed programs of its kind in the world, is a featured series of programs training the construction leaders of tomorrow. Click here for details

LEED Training
Through a grant from OIC of Broward County, the SFAGC offers FREE LEED training leading for carpenters and construction employees. Contact Izett Scott at (954) 592-4851 for details and enrollment.

BIM Training
Through sponsorship of ACAI, the SFAGC offers certified LEED training, leading to LEED Certification. Click here for details

Leadership Development
Few other construction groups have provided more nationally recognized industry leaders than AGC. From 1956 National AGC President Frank J. Rooney and still today, South Florida contractors are developing the construction leaders for our nation into the future. We train those leaders with many different programs, including the nationally recognized "Leadership Development Conference".

YCF - Young Constructors Forum - Developing Future Leaders
The YCF functions as a forum in which anyone can network, socialize, and exchange ideas on issues facing mid-career construction professionals. The YCF is open to all interested members without the need of a formal appointment process. To ensure direction and focus, the YCF has a steering committee, a chair and vice chair. The steering committee membership rotates on a regular three-year basis, taking into account geographic and industry issues. Click here for details


  • To be an open forum to exchange ideas.
  • To be an entry vehicle into AGC to promote new member involvement.
  • To foster a strong network among peers.
  • To create and promote industry innovation.
  • To discuss the most important issues and provide feedback to AGC leadership.
  • To help structure AGC for the future.

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