2020 General Elections

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 8:00 am

Elections are always important. Though the Presidential Election is commanding most of the media’s attention our State and Local elections may have more of an impact on our everyday lives. That is why The South Florida AGC is proud to share our list of endorsed candidates. 

The South Florida AGC has been advocating for our state’s commercial construction industry since 1922. We are proud to present our list of endorsed candidates for the General Election occurring on November 3, 2020. These candidates have gone through our screening process which is conducted by members of our These candidates have gone through our screening process which is conducted by members of our family high-rise, schools, highways, restaurants, and infrastructure projects. These members believe the candidates listed below will work hard to protect our industry and the thousands of workers who put on a hard hat each day.


The SFAGC logoSFAGC 2020 General Election Endorsed Candidates


State House

District 93 (Broward)                                   Chip LaMarca

District 105 (Miami-Dade)                         David Borrero

District 110 (Miami-Dade)                         Alex Rizo

District 115 (Miami-Dade)                         Vance Aloupis

District 116 (Miami-Dade)                         Daniel Perez

District 119 (Miami-Dade)                        Juan Fernandez-Barquin

District 120 (Miami-Dade/Monroe)      Jim Mooney

Miami-Dade County

Mayor                                                               Esteban “Steve” Bovo

Miami-Dade School Board

District 3                                                         Russ Rywell

District 5                                                         Christi Fraga

Help us get the word out!

You can help us ensure that your employees know which candidates we believe will have the most positive impact on our industry by sharing our list of endorsed candidates.

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  • Endorsed Candidates PDF
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