As construction materials remain at record high prices and face continued availability challenges, President Biden and Congress are taking actions to make things worse.  Meanwhile, construction firms around the country are absorbing these costs—which would better be invested in recruiting and retaining construction workers—without significant relief in sight.

I am over webinars, zoom meetings, and podcasts… Aren’t you? I invite you to review AGC of America’s 2020 Annual Report which is titled The Power of Engagement. Engagement by AGC Members and our association’s ability to harness it, is what allowed our industry to overcome the many challenges we faced last year.

The Austn AGC is offering members of The South Florida AGC an opportunity to attend their AGC Project Manager Development Program (PMDP) training program at the member rate. This training will now be held online via Zoom video conferencing every Tuesday & Thursday beginning October 6, 2020 and ending November 5, 2020.

Construction safety information for the construction professional

The Moving Forward Act Provides Needed Funding for Infrastructure Improvements, But Measure Does More to Help Special Interests than Solve Project Needs, Construction Association Warns

The data seemed to directly correlate with the shutdowns, Kristopher Lengieza, senior director of business development for Procore, said during a press conference Thursday. States that had few or no restrictions on shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders saw smaller drops in construction worker hours since March, and returned to normalcy faster.

After a two-day marathon voting session, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has approved a measure drafted by Democrats that would provide $494 billion for highway, transit and rail programs over the next five years, with an emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and building projects that can better withstand floods and other natural disasters.

Webinar Materials: COVID-19 Site Safety Protocols and Revised OSHA Enforcement Guidance

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