Letter from the President - June 2021






June 7, 2021

I am over webinars, zoom meetings, and podcasts… Aren’t you? I invite you to review AGC of America’s 2020 Annual Report which is titled The Power of Engagement.  Engagement by AGC Members and our association’s ability to harness it, is what allowed our industry to overcome the many challenges we faced last year.

Engagement in 2020 meant using technology as a substitute for in-person gatherings. This September we have an opportunity to come together, in person, at AGC of America’s National Convention which will be a drive away in Orlando’s Marriott World Center, September 21-23. AGC’s Annual Convention gives you the opportunity to get out of the office and make important industry connections as well as gain a competitive advantage, help protect key business interests, and prepare for industry disruptions. Between sessions join me for a drink at The South Florida AGC’s Welcome Area and be sure to bring your golf clubs as we will be hosting a golf tournament on the morning of September 21st. Your attendance at the convention is very important because it speaks to the power of our Chapter and our advocacy for our industry.  The convention is in our backyard!  Let’s show up in numbers and show our fellow AGC members how we do it in Florida, REGISTER NOW!

Although I am tired of webinars not all of them are the same. Wine, a great guest, and your fellow contractors make for a great event whether in person or via Zoom. This June 17th we will be hosting the City of Miami’s Art Noriega for a conversation about the Magic City, its future, and how we are going to get there. A flyer for the event is included in this package. We will also be hosting our annual Fishing Challenge benefiting the Young Constructors Forum on July 16-17th at Bahia Mar, Ft. Lauderdale. At the time of writing this letter we were approaching 30 boats in the tournament, so do not delay in registering if you would like to join us.

I started my service as President of The South Florida AGC in January of 2020. I never imagined what this chapter and AGC of America could accomplish during a pandemic.  What we accomplished was the result of your engagement and advocacy for our industry.  It gives me and should give you great pride to be part of both organizations. Join me in Orlando for AGC of America’s Convention and let’s celebrate our success as you experience the benefits afforded to you as a member of The Associated General Contractors of America and the South Florida AGC.

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