2016 Regular Session of the Florida Legislature - This week the legislative session passed the half-way mark. Both chambers spent a considerable amount of time debating their respective budget proposals on the floor and are now postured to conference.

The links below detail the Miami Dade Green Building Expedited Plan Review Program.

The South Florida Chapter of Associated General Contractors of America is happy to announce the hiring of Carlos Carrillo as Executive Director. Mr. Carrillo comes to us after spending the past five years as Miami-Dade Regional Vice President for Associated Builders & Contractors Florida East Coast Chapter.

Friday, 15 January 2016 15:12

Labor and Employment Law Landscape

The labor and employment law landscape was a hotbed of activity in 2015. You can read the Fisher & Phillips end of the year checklist. 2016 promises to be equally pivotal.

Monday, 14 December 2015 19:17

2015 National AGC Safety Awards (NASA)

The National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program has been an ongoing effort since 1991 to offer AGC members an opportunity to evaluate their safety record. NASA compares an AGC member’s safety record with other AGC members according to the member size and construction type. Additionally, NASA provides a great opportunity for contractor members who have excellent safety records to compete for nationally recognized awards.

Kenneth D. Simonson has been Chief Economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, the leading national construction trade association, since 2001. He provides insight into the economy and what it implies for construction and related industries through frequent media interviews, presentations and The Data DIGest, his weekly one-page e-newsletter that goes to 47,000 subscribers.

Monday, 14 December 2015 18:56

Mr. Charles Caulkins, Labor Law Expert

Considering all the U.S. Department of Labor investigations of contractors in the construction industry in Florida this past year, it makes one wonder what have they got in store for 2016?

On November 17 the ballots were opened, counted, verified and ratified by the Board of Directors for the election of 2016-17 Officers and Directors. According to By Laws the new leaders are to be announced in December of the year preceding their first term.

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