The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently announce that after June 14, 2019, will be transitioning to, which will become the new website for wage determination data.

The City Council has signaled that its move to close supertall developers’ favorite loophole is just the start. The City Council has signaled that its move to close supertall developers’ favorite loophole is just the start. The Council on Wednesday approved a zoning amendment that caps mechanical spaces at 25 feet before they are counted toward the building’s allowable footprint, Curbed reported. The Council’s Land Use Committee voted unanimously to close the void earlier this month.

Watching the collapse of Wednesday’s planned infrastructure meeting between President Trump and Democratic congressional leaders, it’s easy to understand why so many voters are frustrated with Washington. Once again, we see our national leaders engaging in partisan bickering instead of addressing our nation’s real and pressing problems.

Sixty-seven percent of highway contractors report that motor vehicles had crashed into their construction work zones during the past year, according to the results of a new highway work zone study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America.  In response, association officials have launched a new radio and media campaign urging drivers to slow down and remain alert in highway work zones.

MiamiCentral, which opened last year, includes the office buildings and an apartment component that’s under construction. A food hall is also expected to open soon at the train station.

The future of long-term lending looks pretty cloudy for the Sunshine State. At a recent investment conference in New York, Spencer Glendon, a senior fellow at the Woods Hole Research Center and a former partner and director of investment research at Wellington Management, laid out a dire prediction for Florida.

Immigration Reform Proposal Could Help Address Significant Workforce Shortages Affecting the Construction Industry, Continues Discussion on Ways to Address Broader Immigration Challenges.

The Social Security Administration recently resurrected its practice of issuing Employer Correction Request notices – also known as “no-match letters” – when it receives employee information from an employer that does not match its records.  When receiving such a letter, AGC members should consider the taking following seven steps in conjunction with consulting with their employment counsel.

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